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12 April / 2016
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Let’s face it: a couple of questions on a Likert scale is a poor substitute for a conversation! So we need to know, do you have suggestions or ideas for what you want to see at UXYEG Meetups?

Please share it with us and we will do our best to make it happen!

27 February / 2013

UX Edmonton – The Inaugural Blog Post

We’ve been working hard in the past few months to make UX Edmonton into a more active organization and the next (or some might say first) logical step was to create a website to help spread the word about the UX Edmonton organization. Our goal is simple: to connect and grow a community of people across disciplines and industres that share a passion for design and UX*.

We, of course, know all of you. We see you in the Facebook group, you follow us on twitter, and you are…