UX Edmonton – The Inaugural Blog Post

We’ve been working hard in the past few months to make UX Edmonton into a more active organization and the next (or some might say first) logical step was to create a website to help spread the word about the UX Edmonton organization. Our goal is simple: to connect and grow a community of people across disciplines and industres that share a passion for design and UX*.

We, of course, know all of you. We see you in the Facebook group, you follow us on twitter, and you are potentially one of the 7 people that are in the UX Edmonton LinkedIn group**. But we would like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves:

Ammneh Azeim
During the day Ammneh daydreams of the world to be a better place for users. When she stops dreaming and scheming about how to fulfill that dream, she tries to go for a run or yoga unless of course the couch presents a high priority show that needs watching. She also tries to learn cool lingo from her son or younger colleagues. Currently, YOLO is her favourite word.

Andrew Wright
Andrew has been practicing usability since the first time he tried to hammer a square peg into a round hole. Somewhere between then and now, he decided to focus on improving the experiences people have when interacting with computers. Give this guy a Sharpie and some paper and he’ll work with you to map out any experience you can dream up using nothing more than some boxes and arrows. He can often be found in heated discussions about the difference between “complex” and “complicated”. (FYI: complex doesn’t have to be complicated.)

Bob Evans
Bob is a consultant at iomer Internet Solutions Inc. based out of Edmonton, Alberta where he spends a lot of his time on business analysis, information architecture development and interaction design. While traditionally known for his sick dunking skills and fascination with the Ikea Monkey, his obsession with all things design, movies and music generally consumes most of his time. He believes that the word “sensual” has no place in our society.

Lisa Hagen
Lisa spends her days in the creativity hub, Unit B, creating online experiences that tell stories, invoke emotion and strategically engage users. When she isn’t in front of her laptop, she can be found at her second office (Credo) or enjoying the countryside in her vintage boler. She currently has 5 endorsements for “Pickles” on LinkedIn.

We are the team working tirelessly*** to bring you information and events related to UX in Edmonton. And working with StartUp Edmonton we now have a new home! Our regular monthly meetings and most, if not all, of our events will be held there in the future.

Speaking of upcoming events, we will have some exciting news in the next couple of months so come out to events, check the site and follow the blog!


* Our side goals include a divisive platform of world domination and the domestication of the badger.

** Seriously, you guys, c’mon.

***Our budget does not cover the purchase or acquisition of tires.