Hey Everybody,

Thanks to everyone who came out last week and participated in our first scheduled meeting! Your input gave us a great sense of what you want to get out of this thing we call UX Edmonton. Attendance was a staggering 15-20 people (I lost count after 7) which is by far the largest amount of people to show up for an event in a long time.

And not only did you attend, you participated! From what we heard you are interested in everything from the fundamentals of User Experience to learning practical applications. As we mentioned, we have taken your feedback to heart and have planned a new event for our March meet-up. We will be learning about the ancient mysteries of mobile: content strategy, responsive design and information architecture; and all in a workshop format! Go to the event posting for links to resources that will help guide our discussion and activities. I would post them here but we ¬†are on a tight budget and I get paid by the word (meaning: I’m lazy).

And here’s a little special something for those of you who read this blog post:

The Ikea Monkey is too short to activate the automatic door.

Ikea Monkey: History’s Greatest Monster?