Update: Submission deadline extended to Friday, August 31, 2018. 

UX is the heart of all digital experiences and customer expectations will outpace companies’ abilities to evolve or invent experiences. To build great experiences, UX Edmonton are targeting everyone who is part of building experiences to help them move User Experience forward within their role. This year at UX Camp 2018, we want to change the game by engaging everyone in an organization to find their space in the UX world and help improve the user experience.

Since we are focusing on getting everyone in an organization involved in improving UX our theme is associated with different roles. We are looking for thought leaders who can help us engage following roles (not limited to just these):

  • Developers/engineers
  • Designers/Graphic artists
  • Advanced practitioners
  • Managers/Executives
  • Business Analyst
  • Marketers/communicators

We are seeking submissions of 30-60 min talks and/or minimum 2-hour workshops from speakers who are leading, strengthening and revitalizing user experience. The conference is being planned for October 13, 2018 at MacEwan University.

Guidelines for the submissions:

These are must-haves for your proposals and reviewers will use these as primary criteria to conduct the reviews.

  • Provide insights that someone can’t easily find online. It can be an expansion of existing idea, but your self-reflection should be evident.
  • Your topic is geared to a specific audience group, and your proposal needs to show how you will engage that audience group.
  • Your proposal provides a high-level overview of what you are trying to communicate but has crucial specific take away items that someone can utilize the next day
  • You have real working examples of your ideas, or your talk is associated with a case study.
  • The evidence is showing the impact or the success the idea has made.

How to submit your proposal?

Please submit your proposal by midnight Friday, August 31st to uxedmonton@gmail.com.

Selected speakers will be contacted in August to confirm for their availability. All speakers will receive free registration to the event.

Feel free to reach out to UX Edmonton uxedmonton@gmail.com with any questions you may have.